About Us


Everything started with a dream. This is how all begins. Walking through one of the Latin Americas malls in Central America and window shopping (showcase) viewing the top European styles one store caught my attention. It was Lu by Lolita brand store. I felt in love with the store layout and the way the merchandise was organized, everything was perfect. I always dreamed with being a fashion guru following fashions trends and reading the top fashion magazines. One day speaking to my self , I said: I need to do something. So in 2004 I decided to get in touch with  Lu By Lolita, headquarters in Uruguay. This is an international growing brand and company that is making its way to the big industry step by step. Six months later I open my first retail store at one of most prestigious prime malls of  Puerto Rico and the Caribbean “Plaza las Americas”. The first years where rough, but I made my way thru accomplishing sales as first and second place in sales per square feet for two consecutive. We had to change the original concept of Lu by Lolita Uruguay for the demanding fashioned woman of Puerto Rico.  From been a franchise we became a license. We adopted our own design, of course with the Caribbean and international fashion style. Thanks to this we have developed a new brand which is Seven by Lu, a urban/casual concept but always on trend. Here we are now two brands at one place … www.lufashions.com fashion chic apparel at the right prices for demanding and fashion conscious girls like you.


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